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1994 doesn't get any better than Priscilla

1994 doesn’t get any better than Priscilla

What does The Matrix, ABBA, 1994 and Australia all have in common? Priscilla Queen of the Desert is driving into Etown this week for the Global Film Festival.

driving into Gibble at 7PM on Thursday

driving into Gibble at 7PM on Thursday

Priscilla is the 1994 feel good movie that delighted international audiences with cheeky over-the-top humor, panache, pathos, winning performances, and fun soundtracks. Priscilla heavily features the music of ABBA (Australia has long had a particular love-affair with the Scandinavian quartet) and stars Hugo Weaving (of Matrix fame), Terence Stamp (of Wall Street, Superman II ) and Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential) as three drag queens cut from the cloth of everyday and who take on the road trip of their lives. What we see though through their travels is that sexuality is not a cut-and-dried affair. Underneath it all, we see that these people aren’t much different from those we meet in our daily lives. As one reviewer noted, “A screening of ‘Priscilla’ would do more good than a hundred lectures to high school kids on the acceptance of diversity.

Hope you come and enjoy a great night and a promise that you will leave feeling great!

Movie screens at 7PM in Gibble … and please tell … or better yet… BRING a friend!



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